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meet ivy Meet Ivy.

Ivy is an AI college and career counselor that lives on your students' phones and provides 24/7 guidance across all college, career, trade school, and military pathways.


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Trusted by students, school counselors, and colleges everywhere

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Group 39035@2x
2 million+

Students and parents getting amazing, personalized guidance


Counselors saving time and giving every student the guidance they deserve


College admission teams actively recruiting and enrolling students

Ivy is available 24/7 to advise on any college or career pathway

FAFSA questions, college essay brainstorming, comparing salaries of various trades, choosing classes to meet graduation requirements - Ivy handles it all, in over 20 languages.

Ivy proactively reaches out to your students

Ivy automatically drives meaningful engagement through thoughtful check-ins right on your students' phones.

counselors superpowers@2x

Ivy gives school counselors superpowers

Ivy reports on student progress, flags students that need help, and serves as a personal assistant to check-in with students and help them schedule meetings with you.


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