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The network for getting recruited by colleges

Explore schools, connect with college admissions teams, and improve your chances of getting accepted by the best college for your needs.

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Explore Colleges

Discover schools, save your favorites, understand your chances of getting accepted, and so much more. 

Get Guidance

Get help understanding your options, tracking important dates, submitting applications & essays, and more.

Recruit Students

Enroll your ideal class on the world's largest student recruiting network. Connect with specific students individually or at scale and beat your enrollment goals.

Free Resources

Get a competitive edge and future-proof your enrollment strategies with these free tools, calculators and strategy guides. 

High School Counselors

Get access to free tools that make it easier to help all of your students. Connect them with admissions teams and use AI to draft recommendation letters in minutes. 

School Districts

Help your students get the college & career guidance they need and make it easy for them to be discovered by—connect with—college admissions teams.

Independent Counselors

Join over 3,500 IECs providing guidance to over 2 million students and families. Showcase your services, schedule consultations, and leverage AI-powered tools to grow your business.

Recruiting 2.0 is here

Why license cold names when you could
build real recruiting relationships?




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400+ colleges

recruiting students on the platform every day.

2.2M students

A new student joins every 30 seconds.

“It's about time higher education starts working to serve students rather than the other way around, and CollegeVine is actively facilitating some of that change.”

Markie Rhodes

Markie Rhodes
Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Illinois Tech

“It's about time higher education starts working to serve students rather than the other way around, and CollegeVine is actively facilitating some of that change.”

Markie Rhodes

Markie Rhodes
Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Illinois Tech

Build real relationships instead of licensing names

Use CollegeVine to find and connect with high-intent students actively looking to build relationships with their best-fit school.

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Target your ideal students with 75+ profile data filters

High school students create rich CollegeVine profiles packed with academic and extracurricular information to help the right schools find and accept them.
Learn more about profile data

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Accept students and offer financial help

Students can opt-in to have their CollegeVine
profiles submitted anonymously as applications
to best-fit, high-chance colleges. Schools then have the chance to review and accept students that are a fit.

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Spend more time with qualified and interested students.

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Want to know 75+ cool things about them?

Each student crafts a detailed profile over time to reflect their interests and unique personality.

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Putting the relationship into your existing CRM.

CollegeVine connects with your CRM: Slate, SalesForce, TargetX, and more.

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We’ve got the details so you can do you.

Send a campaign in just 5 minutes. Get back your time to talk to humans.

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Connect with students before you get to the college fair.

There are students from every U.S. high school on CollegeVine. Meet them ahead of time.

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Every conversation is warm with mutual interest.

The students are here because they actively want to find their perfect school.

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Reach students way before they take a test.

Students you connect with early are more likely to apply.

Ready for relationship based recruiting?


We prefer to show, not tell. You will claim your account and connect with real students immediately! We’ll also help you tailor your recruiting campaigns.


Why do students join the CollegeVine network?

Students come to CollegeVine for many reasons – to calculate their chances, learn how to get in to the best college for them – and to meet admissions officers. They craft detailed profiles to show off their accomplishments and personality. 

Every student joins in order to be recruited, and selects no more than twenty schools for their school list. 

How many students are there?

2.4 million students and counting are on CollegeVine. They represent every U.S. state, and nearly every country, and come from all backgrounds. 

Which other universities are on CollegeVine?

400+ colleges and universities use CollegeVine. 

Join the movement for human recruiting.

Meet at 4 p.m. Eastern every Thursday
to learn from each other and discuss the latest developments in admissions.

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