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The Weekly VineDown: Elevate Your Outreach

[VIDEO] Reaching students in a meaningful way isn't easy. JoinEmily SmithandMickey Bainesin this recording of our VineDown from November 16, 2023 to learn more about optimizing your communication to prospective students. In this video, they talk...

The Weekly VineDown: Optimizing Email in your Comm Flow

[VIDEO] In this week's VineDown, Emily Smithchatted with two veteran recruitment marketing pros about one of the most venerable and sometimes misused...

Email is dead! Long live email!

Any marketer that has been working for more than just a few weeks has done it. We’ve all pushed out a tactic that we knew wouldn’t get much traction.

The Weekly VineDown: Future Proofing Admissions

[VIDEO] This week VineDown host Emily Smith was joined by Williams College Associate Director of Admissions Kate Heekin to chat about overcoming the...

Old rites, new visions: the college admissions renaissance

In my time in the K-12 space, I witnessed a profound evolution, one largely spurred by the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. All schools (colleges...

The Weekly VineDown: Talk Less Say More. Admissions Conversations that Convert

[VIDEO] This week, Emily Smith and Jason McNair-Faulk kicked off the first in a series of professional development chats. This series will take a...

The Weekly VineDown: Making the Most of Travel Season

[VIDEO] This week, CollegeVine's own Jason McNair-Faulk, joined host Emily SMith to chat about admissions and recruitment travel. Jason is a former...

Illustration of admissions counselor at a table waving to students.

An ode to the admissions road warrior

What’s the ROI of the travel season? That’s easy, right?

The Weekly VineDown: Affirmative Action Student Short Episode 2

[VIDEO] This week on the VineDown, Emily Smith was joined by college-bound student Mariem to talk about how what's going on in her head as she makes...

The Weekly VineDown: Maximizing Fall Recruitment

[VIDEO] On this week's VineDown, host Emily Smith outlines some (actually) actionable activities your team can take on to maximize your Fall...

The Weekly VineDown: Everything Your President Expects You To Know About AI

[VIDEO] On Thursday, September 21 at 4:30 p.m., we brought the VineDown to life at NACAC in Baltimore! Our very own Emily Smith hosted a panel with:...

What's Next: Beyond the Sunset of Student Search

[VIDEO] On Friday, September 22 at 9:30 a.m. we hosted a coffee-side chat at Café CollegeVine at NACAC. CollegeVine's own José Mallabo was joined by...

The Weekly VineDown: Affirmative Action Student Short Episode 1

[VIDEO] This week, Emily sat down with a college-bound student to chat about his experience throughout his college decision journey so far. Emily had...

September 7, 2023 episode of the Weekly VineDown about our 2023 search performance report.

The Weekly VineDown: The Worst Performing Year in the History of Search was 2023

[VIDEO] CollegeVine Co-Founder Vinay Bhaskara joined our host Emily Smith this week to look into the recent decline in the performance of search in...

August 24, 2023 episode of the Weekly VineDown about the CollegeVine platform

The Weekly VineDown: CollegeVine Overview

[VIDEO] Check out a quick demo of the CollegeVine platform. VineDown host Emily Smith dives into our platform and explains how colleges can use...

August 3, 2023 episode of the Weekly VineDown about our Student Enrollment Survey.

The Weekly VineDown: Student Enrollment Survey Insights

[VIDEO] This week, VineDown host Emily Smith was joined by Vinay Bhaskara to chat about our enrollment survey of over 12,000 students. Our survey...

August 10, 2023 episode of the Weekly VineDown about the decline in Student Search performance.

The Weekly VineDown: The Worst Performing Year in Student Search

[VIDEO] 2023 was the worst-performing year in the 50+ year history of Student Search. In this week's VineDown, Vinay Bhaskara joined Emily Smith to...

July 27, 2023 episode of the Weekly VineDown about the Summer Melt and Affirmative Action.

The Weekly VineDown: The Intersection of Affirmative Action and Summer Melt

[VIDEO] This week, VineDown host Emily Smith chatted with a few friends close to home: CollegeVine team members Vinay Bhaskara, José Mallabo, and...

July 20, 2023 episode of the Weekly VineDown about the Student Environment Explorer

The Weekly VineDown Panel: Building a Diverse Class With The Student Environment Explorer

[VIDEO] This week, webinar host Emily Smith was joined by a few friends to chat about what's happening with race conscious admissions. The panel...

July 13, 2023 episode of the Weekly VineDown about the Student Environment Explorer

The Weekly VineDown: The Student Environment Explorer

[VIDEO] Now that race-conscious admissions has been reversed, colleges must be even more precise in identifying and recruiting students of color. In...